Dereck Ramirez

It's a Ramirez repeat in 12th annual USMTS Slick Mist Show-Me Shootout at Lucas Oil Speedway


Lucas Oil Speedway

It's a Ramirez repeat in 12th annual USMTS Slick Mist Show-Me Shootout at Lucas Oil Speedway

WHEATLAND, MO. (Aug. 7, 2021) - Dereck Ramirez scored a successful repeat of the 12th annual Slick Mist Show-Me Shootout Presented by Foley Equipment, leading wire to wire Saturday night at Lucas Oil Speedway.

The USMTS points leader, from Woodward, Oklahoma, dominated the 40-lap feature to take home $10,000. Ramirez beat Dustin Sorensen by 1.8 seconds for his third series victory of the season.

Also picking up feature wins on Saturday night were Ryan Gillmore (Ozark Golf Cars USRA B-Mods) and Derek Brown (O'Reilly Auto Parts USRA Stock Cars).

In victory lane, Ramirez thanked his crew for talking him into recently breaking out a new car. He also expressed his affinity for Lucas Oil Speedway after another winning drive at the facility.

"I love this place. It's probably the greatest facility we go to," Ramirez said. "Everybody that works here and all the fans that come out and support us ... plus I have to thank these guys here. We wrecked the car at Ogilvie (Minnesota). They worked their butts off at the shop to put this (car) together.

"It's been a dream to drive. I'm glad we made that decision. It's good."

Ramirez became the first repeat Show-Me Shootout winner and the first three-time USMTS winner at Lucas Oil Speedway.

Ramirez was making it a runaway, cruising to the lead from his front-row starting position and widening the gap as green-flag after green-flag lap went by.

Ramirez had a four-second lead over Sorensen after 32 laps when the race’s first caution came out as Dillon McCowan spun between turns one and two. McCowan, the Cedar Creek Beef Jerky USRA Modified track points leader, ran as high as third earlier in the race and was eighth when he spun after finding fluid from a car experiencing mechanical issues right in front of him.

Sorensen, of Rochester, Minnesota, started seventh and worked his way into second by lap 25, but was making little headway in closing the gap on Ramirez as the duo worked their way through lapped traffic.

The caution wiped out Ramirez’s comfortable margin and set the stage for an eight-lap sprint to the finish as Ramirez led Sorensen, Tyler Wolff, Carlos Ahumada Jr. and Terry Phillips.

As the race returned to green, Wolff and Sorensen had a tight squeeze coming off turn two and Wolff rolled to a stop in turn three, bringing out another yellow flag.

Ramirez took care of business as the race resumed and remained green over the final seven laps. He pulled away to beat Sorensen by about a dozen car lengths. Rodney Sanders rallied from eighth to finish third, with Jake O’Neil going from 14th to fourth. Ahumada finished fifth.

"I don't like the yellows there at the end, especially running the bottom there," Ramirez said. "I kind of judge myself off the lapped cars and none of them were making a move up top. But I knew Rodney or TP (Phillips) or any of them guys could get up there and get it done.

"Dustin, he's a high-side guy and kind of scared me on the restart. But I saw he picked the bottom and that made it a little easier on me."

Gillmore earns B-Mod win: Ryan Gillmore of Springfield led all 20 laps of the Ozark Golf Cars USRA B-Mod main event as Gillmore captured his first victory at Lucas Oil Speedway after numerous near-misses.

Gillmore took only five laps to open a three-second lead over fellow front-row starter Shawn Nations. He built the lead to 3.4 seconds over JC Morton by lap seven and, as the race clicked off caution-free, Gillmore was never threatened.

“I thought I had lost it right away as it went green, with Nations getting by me,” Gillmore said. “With the track fast like it was, I thought I had shot myself in the foot right there. He was good about not taking the lane away, which he could have.

“The 20 laps after that, I was trying my best just to drive it as wide-open as possible.”

Gillmore wound up 2.6 seconds in front of Morton with Ryan Edde third, Eric Turner fourth and Kris Jackson fifth. Jackson, the season points leader and reigning track champ who started seventh, had a three-race win streak at Lucas Oil Speedway snapped.

Brown cashes big with USRA Stock Cars win: Stoutland's Derek Brown enjoyed an extra-big pay day in the O'Reilly Auto Parts USRA Stock Cars feature, beating Robert White by just under one second.

Brown earned $1,450 for the win after an anonymous donor added $950 to the first-place prize fun. Brown also won Friday night at Dallas County Speedway and became the first driver to complete the Dallas County Speedway-Lucas Oil Speedway bonus, taking another $250 win the two tracks combined on.

Brown led all 20 laps and had to hold off White, third-place David Hendrix and fourth-place Ed Griggs following a caution with six laps remaining.

"I love this place because they have a jumbotron and I can watch while I'm going down the backstretch where everybody's at," said Brown who turns 32 on Sunday. "After that yellow, I saw them catching me on the bottom, so I thought I'd switch it up a little bit and it worked."

Brown picked up his second Lucas Oil Speedway win of the season.

12th annual USMTS Slick Mist Show-Me Shootout
USMTS Modifieds
A Feature - 1. 4R-Dereck Ramirez[1]; 2. 19-Dustin Sorensen[7]; 3. 20-Rodney Sanders[8]; 4. 0-Jake O'Neil[14]; 5. 65X-Carlos Ahumada Jr[2]; 6. 60-Dan Ebert[24]; 7. 3-RC Whitwell[6]; 8. 69-Lucas Schott[13]; 9. 33Z-Zack VanderBeek[26]; 10. 87-Darron Fuqua[17]; 11. 16-Austin Siebert[19]; 12. 8-Dillon McCowan[5]; 13. 21-Jacob Bleess[28]; 14. 9D8-Paden Phillips[20]; 15. 18A-Landon Atkinson[16]; 16. 3J-Jake Nightingale[18]; 17. 02-Tanner Mullens[4]; 18. 12-Jason Hughes[25]; 19. 65-Tyler Davis[22]; 20. 19SB-Lance Mari[11]; 21. 292-Kyle Thompson[9]; 22. 14W-Dustin Walker[12]; 23. 75-Terry Phillips[3]; 24. 4W-Tyler Wolff[15]; 25. G17-Fito Gallardo[21]; 26. 1M-Curt Myers[29]; 27. 19R-Chris Kratzer[23]; 28. 88-Nathan Smith[10]; 29. 03-Chase Jones[30]; 30. 444-Brooks Strength[27]
B Feature 1- 1. 69-Lucas Schott[2]; 2. 4W-Tyler Wolff[1]; 3. 87-Darron Fuqua[4]; 4. 16-Austin Siebert[6]; 5. G17-Fito Gallardo[7]; 6. 19R-Chris Kratzer[5]; 7. 2SS-Mark Smith[9]; 8. J17-Jake Gallardo[13]; 9. 22H-Dustin Hodges[3]; 10. 151-Lucas Gibbs[10]; 11. 21F-Johnny Fennewald[14]; 12. 15-Kale Westover[12]; 13. 2G-Brandon Givens[11]; 14. 8C-Chris Clark[15]; 15. 03-Chase Jones[18]; 16. 91-Joe Duvall[8]; 17. 33Z-Zack VanderBeek[19]; 18. 38C-Jason Pursley[16]; 19. D25-David Tanner[17]
B Feature 2 - 1. 0-Jake O'Neil[1]; 2. 18A-Landon Atkinson[5]; 3. 3J-Jake Nightingale[2]; 4. 9D8-Paden Phillips[7]; 5. 65-Tyler Davis[12]; 6. 60-Dan Ebert[13]; 7. 12-Jason Hughes[9]; 8. 21-Jacob Bleess[17]; 9. 1M-Curt Myers[3]; 10. 99-Nathan Hagar[16]; 11. 85-Jayson Good[15]; 12. 88R-AJ Vasquez[8]; 13. 46-Jade Luzenberg[11]; 14. 64-Casey Fowler[18]; 15. 59-Kris Jackson[6]; 16. 444-Brooks Strength[14]; 17. 00-Jesse Stovall[4]; 18. 56-Tony Jackson Jr[10]
Simpson Performance Products Heat 1 - 1. 3-RC Whitwell[3]; 2. 19SB-Lance Mari[1]; 3. 1M-Curt Myers[2]; 4. 00-Jesse Stovall[4]; 5. 9D8-Paden Phillips[6]; 6. 15-Kale Westover[5]; 7. 21F-Johnny Fennewald[7]; 8. 38C-Jason Pursley[9]; 9. 33Z-Zack VanderBeek[8]
Fast Shafts Heat 2 - 1. 65X-Carlos Ahumada Jr[2]; 2. 88-Nathan Smith[3]; 3. 4W-Tyler Wolff[4]; 4. 19R-Chris Kratzer[5]; 5. 91-Joe Duvall[6]; 6. 46-Jade Luzenberg[1]; 7. J17-Jake Gallardo[8]; 8. 99-Nathan Hagar[7]
Edebrock Heat 3 - 1. 19-Dustin Sorensen[2]; 2. 14W-Dustin Walker[1]; 3. 0-Jake O'Neil[4]; 4. 18A-Landon Atkinson[3]; 5. 2SS-Mark Smith[5]; 6. 444-Brooks Strength[6]; 7. 151-Lucas Gibbs[7]; 8. D25-David Tanner[8]
MSD Heat 4 - 1. 02-Tanner Mullens[1]; 2. 8-Dillon McCowan[4]; 3. 22H-Dustin Hodges[3]; 4. 87-Darron Fuqua[6]; 5. 12-Jason Hughes[5]; 6. 2G-Brandon Givens[2]; 7. 8C-Chris Clark[7]; 8. 21-Jacob Bleess[8]
Wrisco Industries Heat 5 - 1. 20-Rodney Sanders[1]; 2. 4R-Dereck Ramirez[4]; 3. 69-Lucas Schott[5]; 4. 16-Austin Siebert[3]; 5. 88R-AJ Vasquez[2]; 6. 56-Tony Jackson Jr[7]; 7. 85-Jayson Good[6]; 8. 03-Chase Jones[8]
Wrisco Industries Heat 6 - 1. 292-Kyle Thompson[1]; 2. 75-Terry Phillips[4]; 3. 3J-Jake Nightingale[5]; 4. 59-Kris Jackson[2]; 5. G17-Fito Gallardo[7]; 6. 65-Tyler Davis[6]; 7. 60-Dan Ebert[3]; 8. 64-Casey Fowler[8]
Qualifying 1 - 1. 00-Jesse Stovall, 00:17.456[1]; 2. 3-RC Whitwell, 00:17.463[8]; 3. 1M-Curt Myers, 00:17.636[4]; 4. 19SB-Lance Mari, 00:17.811[5]; 5. 9D8-Paden Phillips, 00:18.025[2]; 6. 21F-Johnny Fennewald, 00:18.044[3]; 7. 15-Kale Westover, 00:18.053[6]; 8. 33Z-Zack VanderBeek, 00:18.053[9]; 9. 38C-Jason Pursley, 00:18.053[7]
Qualifying 2 - 1. 4W-Tyler Wolff, 00:17.331[1]; 2. 88-Nathan Smith, 00:17.475[7]; 3. 65X-Carlos Ahumada Jr, 00:17.741[6]; 4. 46-Jade Luzenberg, 00:17.865[8]; 5. 19R-Chris Kratzer, 00:17.905[5]; 6. 91-Joe Duvall, 00:18.045[2]; 7. 99-Nathan Hagar, 00:18.071[3]; 8. J17-Jake Gallardo, 00:18.071[4]
Qualifying 3 - 1. 0-Jake O'Neil, 00:17.711[8]; 2. 18A-Landon Atkinson, 00:17.842[2]; 3. 19-Dustin Sorensen, 00:17.852[1]; 4. 14W-Dustin Walker, 00:17.858[4]; 5. 2SS-Mark Smith, 00:18.021[5]; 6. 444-Brooks Strength, 00:18.317[3]; 7. 151-Lucas Gibbs, 00:18.487[6]; 8. D25-David Tanner, 00:18.487[7]
Qualifying 4 - 1. 87-Darron Fuqua, 00:17.693[4]; 2. 22H-Dustin Hodges, 00:17.714[1]; 3. 2G-Brandon Givens, 00:17.917[6]; 4. 02-Tanner Mullens, 00:17.937[3]; 5. 8C-Chris Clark, 00:18.282[2]; 6. 8-Dillon McCowan, 00:18.371[8]; 7. 12-Jason Hughes, 00:18.371[5]; 8. 21-Jacob Bleess, 00:18.371[7]
Qualifying 5 - 1. 4R-Dereck Ramirez, 00:17.412[5]; 2. 16-Austin Siebert, 00:17.742[8]; 3. 88R-AJ Vasquez, 00:17.746[7]; 4. 20-Rodney Sanders, 00:17.798[6]; 5. 69-Lucas Schott, 00:17.905[3]; 6. 85-Jayson Good, 00:18.019[4]; 7. 56-Tony Jackson Jr, 00:18.072[1]; 8. 03-Chase Jones, 00:18.072[2]
Qualifying 6 - 1. 75-Terry Phillips, 00:17.531[4]; 2. 60-Dan Ebert, 00:18.039[1]; 3. 59-Kris Jackson, 00:18.426[3]; 4. 292-Kyle Thompson, 00:18.479[6]; 5. 3J-Jake Nightingale, 00:18.479[5]; 6. 65-Tyler Davis, 00:18.479[8]; 7. G17-Fito Gallardo, 00:18.479[7]; 8. 64-Casey Fowler, 00:18.479[2]

Ozark Golf Cars USRA B-Mods
A Feature - 1. 66-Ryan Gillmore[2]; 2. 18-JC Morton[6]; 3. 15-Ryan Edde[4]; 4. 99T-Eric Turner[5]; 5. 65-Kris Jackson[7]; 6. 14-Shawn Nations[1]; 7. 10P-Dayton Pursley[8]; 8. 8S-Jon Sheets[9]; 9. 1F-Mitchell Franklin[10]; 10. 510-Cody King[12]; 11. 83-JC Newell[13]; 12. 24-Jerry Ellis[11]; 13. 42J-Donnie Jackson[20]; 14. 18A-Austin Joplin[18]; 15. 17-Mike Striegel[14]; 16. 8X-Scott Chism[23]; 17. 68-Ricky Watkins[15]; 18. 14T-Quentin Taylor[22]; 19. 54-Shawn Whitman[17]; 20. 121-Tim Phillips[19]; 21. (DNF) 58M-Jamie Mauk[21]; 22. (DNF) 28A-Andy Bryant[3]; 23. (DNF) 132-Mike Little[24]; 24. (DNF) 414-Ryan Thomas[16]
B Feature 1 - 1. 54-Shawn Whitman[4]; 2. 121-Tim Phillips[3]; 3. 58M-Jamie Mauk[6]; 4. 8X-Scott Chism[2]; 5. 25G-James Gish[8]; 6. 0K-Tracy Killian[7]; 7. 83W-Tommy Williams[9]; 8. (DNF) 00-Coy Flippin[1]; 9. (DNF) 16-Billy Gordon[5]; 10. (DNF) 28C-Thomas Creech[10]; 11. (DNS) 33-Jaren Martin
B Feature 2 - 1. 18A-Austin Joplin[2]; 2. 55-Colson Kirk[4]; 3. 42J-Donnie Jackson[3]; 4. 14T-Quentin Taylor[6]; 5. 132-Mike Little[1]; 6. 7-Daniel Cowett[9]; 7. 28-Wesley Briggs[5]; 8. 39-Dwight Brown[10]; 9. 1DER-Chris Wunder[8]; 10. (DNF) 24L-dakota lowe[11]; 11. (DNF) 21W-Mitchell Waters [7]
Heat 1 - 1. 18-JC Morton[1]; 2. 66-Ryan Gillmore[8]; 3. 1F-Mitchell Franklin[6]; 4. 510-Cody King[7]; 5. 8X-Scott Chism[2]; 6. 55-Colson Kirk[5]; 7. 16-Billy Gordon[4]; 8. 0K-Tracy Killian[3]; 9. 28C-Thomas Creech[9]; 10. 39-Dwight Brown[10]
Heat 2 - 1. 14-Shawn Nations[6]; 2. 10P-Dayton Pursley[4]; 3. 24-Jerry Ellis[5]; 4. 17-Mike Striegel[2]; 5. 121-Tim Phillips[10]; 6. 132-Mike Little[9]; 7. 14T-Quentin Taylor[7]; 8. 21W-Mitchell Waters [3]; 9. 83W-Tommy Williams[1]; 10. (DNF) 33-Jaren Martin[8]
Heat 3 - 1. 15-Ryan Edde[2]; 2. 99T-Eric Turner[5]; 3. 8S-Jon Sheets[7]; 4. 414-Ryan Thomas[4]; 5. 18A-Austin Joplin[3]; 6. 54-Shawn Whitman[1]; 7. 58M-Jamie Mauk[6]; 8. 25G-James Gish[8]; 9. (DNS) 24L-Dakota Lowe
Heat 4 - . 65-Kris Jackson[1]; 2. 28A-Andy Bryant[6]; 3. 83-JC Newell[3]; 4. 68-Ricky Watkins[2]; 5. 00-Coy Flippin[7]; 6. 42J-Donnie Jackson[8]; 7. 28-Wesley Briggs[5]; 8. 1DER-Chris Wunder[9]; 9. 7-Daniel Cowett[4]

O'Reilly Auto Parts USRA Stock Cars
A Feature - 1. 11-Derek Brown[2]; 2. 5-Robert White[5]; 3. 54-David Hendrix[4]; 4. 31E-Ed Griggs[3]; 5. 7-Doug Keller[6]; 6. 91-Brian Webster[8]; 7. 26-Burl Woods[1]; 8. 31-Tanner Calhoun[12]; 9. 111-Butch Bailey[13]; 10. 33T-Thomas Ground[9]; 11. 21P-Darren Phillips[7]; 12. 27-Aaron Gustin[10]; 13. 69N-James Barker[11]; 14. 99-Jim Cihy[14]; 15. (DNF) 12-Christopher Sawyer[15]
Bill Roberts Chevrolet Heat 1 - 1. 11-Derek Brown[2]; 2. 31E-Ed Griggs[5]; 3. 5-Robert White[7]; 4. 7-Doug Keller[8]; 5. 33T-Thomas Ground[3]; 6. 31-Tanner Calhoun[6]; 7. 111-Butch Bailey[1]; 8. 12-Christopher Sawyer[4]
Bill Roberts Chevrolet Heat 2 - 1. 54-David Hendrix[1]; 2. 26-Burl Woods[6]; 3. 21P-Darren Phillips[2]; 4. 91-Brian Webster[3]; 5. 27-Aaron Gustin[4]; 6. 69N-James Barker[7]; 7. 99-Jim Cihy[5]

No racing next week: Following a scheduled off weekend, Lucas Oil Speedway roars back into action Aug. 21 with Round 13 of the Big Adventure RV Weekly Racing Series. All police, fire and rescue personnel are admitted free. The Missouri Metal Buildings ULMA Late Models will be the featured division with a 25-lap, $1,000-to-win main event.

Gates open at 4 p.m. with hot laps at 6:30 and racing at 7:05.

Earlier that day, the Kansas City Off Road Racing Association takes to the Off Road track with divisions including Youth UTV 170 Stock, 170 Modified and 570, Adult UTV Sportsman, Women, Pro Turbo, Pro NA, along with Mini Stock Truck, 1600 Buggy and Open Truck class. Gates open at 7 a.m. with practice at 10 and qualifying at 11:30 a.m.

Those purchasing tickets to the Off Road action will receive free admission to the dirt-track action.

For ticket information for any event during the 2021 Lucas Oil Speedway season, contact McMillan at (417) 282-5984 or via email at Fans also can use the online ticketing system.

Danny Lorton
Lucas Oil Speedway General Manager
Office: (417) 282-5984

Article Credit: By Lyndal Scranton, Lucas Oil Speedway

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